Simply Organics Certified Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil ( Kalonji Oil )(1000 ML)…



HEALTHY SKIN AND HAIR- Kalonji oil is full of vital nutrients and vitamins which work great for hair and skin. It can be applied to acne and scars to maintain the natural shine of skin. It helps controlling hair fall and retains the moisture of your hair. CHEMICAL-FREE- The kalonji oil by Urban Botanics is chemical-free and extracted through a process that retains the beneficial chemicals and elements of the black seed, thus making the oil even more favorable. MEDICINAL USAGE- The black seed extract contain compounds found in the plant of black seed in abundance. These make the oil great for medicinal purposes. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which give numerous health benefits. Organic Black Seed Oil- Black Cumin Seed Oil is known to help in losing weight. It helps in shedding the extra kilos. Mix the Oil with warm water, lemon and honey and drink it every morning. Made with pride by a farmer- No-chemical production and storage -Natural clarification without refining and nutrients intact -Food's natural flavor will remain unaltered -Quality is a matter of conscience.


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